Body image and learning to love the Self is top of my priority list when I work with clients. We as humans need to embrace that loving and accepting ourselves (not in an egotistical way) is the route to happiness. When we are truly happy accepting of ourselves, our bodies can naturally regulate our body fat and reduce stress. This is the key to looking young.

For example, many “top trainers” posting pictures of themselves being shredded complete with abs etc… saying that if you follow this way of eating and this training, you will look like me is dangerous. The reality is that they don’t eat, don’t do the training they say they are and have no sound sports science knowledge or life experience, and most importantly they are unhappy!!!. There are real trainers out there who have amazing body transformation programmes that are backed up with science and their own life experience who have mastered their own happiness or who are on the journey to find happiness. The frightening thing is that these real trainers are so hard to find in the mass of social media where everyone wants that quick fix of fantasising over a shredded body because they believe it will bring them happiness. Incorrect. The amount of insecurity and self-hatred that is really going on inside is heartbreaking. In the industry, we need to start talking about this and facing the truth because we are the pioneers of the messaging that is going out to the public!